Healthcare Materials Management Services (HMMS) is the sole legal signing authority for procurement contracts for London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London. We are responsible for monitoring, measuring, and optimizing all supplier contracts and transactions. We ensure compliance with all relevant legislation while generating maximum value to help our hospitals meet their goals as large academic and research-based organizations.

HMMS places all purchase orders, receives all products, and pays all invoices so we are always looking to optimize innovative solutions with our supplier partners.  We act as a procurement agent for our affiliates when we extend our services beyond our owners into the healthcare sector.

Our sourcing strategy is a hybrid approach of issuing our own request for proposal (RFP), optimizing group purchasing organizations, and/or negotiating corporate agreements directly with our suppliers. Our approach is decided in collaboration with hospital leadership to generate the best value to help them meet their goals. We put the voice of our healthcare providers at the centre of our procurement decisions.

We have published a Supplier Handbook to clearly articulate the expectations of our partners. Compliance to our handbook is an expectation embedded in all of our contracts.

Our supplier relations department works directly with the supplier community to ensure we optimize our regional service model. We pride ourselves on being transparent, friendly, and professional when interacting with our important partnerships.  We strive to foster collaborative relationships with all of our suppliers.

Notable statistics:

  • We sign more than 700 contract awards annually
  • We manage over 2,500 contracts in our registry on behalf of our owners and affiliates
  • We issue approximately 150 RFP's annually with language that enables our affiliates to participate in our contracts. Our RFP's are posted on the Ontario Tenders portal.
  • We place hundreds of thousands of purchases annually worth approximately $600M and prefer to optimize electronic business documents (EDI) through our participation with healthcare business and data automation company GHX.
  • We coordinate the availability of thousands of products on a just-in-time basis. We generate efficiencies by purchasing in bulk, stocking in our warehouses, and then delivering in units of measure that are ready for consumption.
  • We process hundreds of invoices every day and work with our suppliers on cash management strategies.
  • We seek to optimize available global trade item numbers (GTIN) and have designed our supply chain processes to leverage innovative technology.