Healthcare Materials Management Services (HMMS) has been generating significant value for the health care system since 1997. By investing in our people, inventory, technology, and infrastructure, our owners and customers don’t have to. The economic benefits of leveraging our shared service model are undeniable. We are extremely proud of our amazing staff and their focus on customer service.

Notable Shared Services:

Stockless Inventory Replenishment: HMMS keeps over 5,000 items in warehouses throughout our network. We pick, pack and ship over two million orders annually and ensure timely delivery to over 3,000 supply locations throughout Southwestern Ontario.

Last Mile Delivery: By optimizing HMMS' fleet of vehicles and partnering with transportation experts, HMMS reliably provides safe and timely deliveries to over 23 hospital sites and numerous other providers. Uniquely, HMMS delivers critical medical supplies directly into the homes of over 55 patients. Learn more by watching this short video on home patient service:  Video  

Purchasing:  HMMS has a catalog of over 90,000 active items available to thousands of requestors throughout the region. Our buyers place hundreds of purchase orders daily for the entire scope of goods and services including drugs, food, facilities, capital, software, and medical consumables.

Supplier Relations:  HMMS signs approximately 700 contracts annually on behalf of our owners by running competitive bidding events, leveraging group purchasing organizations, or negotiating local agreements. HMMS issues hundreds of request for proposal (RFP) annually, containing language that gives our affiliates the option to leverage our awarded contracts. Our team manages and works with our suppliers to ensure compliance for over 2,500 active contracts.

Site Logistics: Within St. Joseph's and LHSC, HMMS’ responsibilities include receiving all inbound shipments, processing outbound packages, and ensuring reliable replenishment of thousands of supply locations. HMMS launched a unique program into LHSC’s cardiac units that trace product usage to specific patient procedures. Watch this short video to see how it works: Video

Accounts Payable: HMMS pays all vendor invoices, employee expense reimbursements, hospital transfer payments, physician compensation, and more. With annual payments totaling $1.6B dollars, HMMS employs cash management strategies to benefit St. Joseph’s, LHSC, and Middlesex Health Alliance (MHA). 

Quality and Client Services: With a centralized IT system, HMMS is able to optimize our data to identify and implement supply chain strategies. Our customer service team is ready to help, and our quality improvement team is continuously pursuing process efficiencies.     

Pandemic & Emergency Preparedness: COVID-19 served as a dramatic reminder that the reliable availability of medical supplies is essential for the safety of front-line staff. HMMS maintains emergency inventory and continuously monitors global events in order to protect our customers. 

As part of the Province of Ontario’s response to COVID-19, HMMS gladly accepted the responsibility to be Ontario Health West Regional supply chain lead. We ensured timely and efficient access to all COVID-19  testing supplies, provincially sourced PPE, and domestically manufactured N95 masks to thousands of healthcare providers throughout the Ontario Health West region.